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Never run out of minutes.

HelloBulgaria  offers you a convenient auto-recharge service that makes sure you always have minutes in your account for calls. You set the amount, and we'll automatically
increase your calling card balance.

Whenever my account drops
below , I would like to charge to my current credit card automatically.
Yes, I want auto-recharge.

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Credit Card fraud is a felony and we will aggressively prosecute anyone attempting to misuse a credit card. We track every transaction and will use all means available to prosecute persons attempting fraud. ASI  cooperates with both foreign and local authorities in cases of fraud, submitting all account information such as, but not limited to: logged IP addresses, complete phone card call records including incoming & outgoing phone numbers, and email addresses. Because this is a virtual phone card, in cases of fraud, all usage records of the phone card will be submitted to investigating authorities set to punish any individual attempting fraud.


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